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My cozy fall decoration 2021 with 10 tips

A passion of mine is to decorate my home for every season and celebration. Before I walk through my favorite stores for inspiration, not missing a coffee break with delicious cake. I use Pinterest and YouTube for DIY ideas.

In case you like something the links for re-shopping are included under the arrangements. If something is no longer available, there are alternatives for it.

Herbstdeko 2021 01

Tip 1: Independence

Pick artificial flowers that are not seasonal in color, then you can use them all year round. This will save you money and, if you don’t enjoy constant redecorating, time and effort.


Tip 2: Variety

Refillable decorative items can be redesigned again and again, with almost no limits to creativity.

Hersbtdeko 2021 02


Herbstdeko 2021 03

Tip 3: Factual practical

Having decorations in bowls or trays makes cleaning easier, as it can be quickly set to one side instead of having to move everything one at a time. In addition, they are more likely to be perceived as a boundary and decorations that are on a staircase are not so easily knocked over


Tip 4: Coziness

A subtle lighting in warm white on the staircase or the way to bed is nice to look at and more pleasant than a bright ceiling light.

For this purpose, battery-operated LED tea lights with timer are suitable, because I think no one wants to leave real candles burning unattended.

Herbstdeko 2021 04


Herbstdeko 2021 05

Tip 5: Finder's reward

Decent decorations that do not immediately catch the eye when entering the room, provide small surprise moments when discovered later.

Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but I’m always happy when I discover something new or previously unseen in friends or acquaintances.


Tip 6: Plain and simple

Sounds funny? But it isn’t.

The transparent vase is simple and inconspicuous, which allows you to flexibly choose all the colors of decorated flowers and shrubs and show them off to their best advantage.

The small gold rim is a timeless and noble effect; it is a small eye-catcher and does not distract from the main decoration.

Herbstdeko 2021 06


Pumpkin set 1 + 2
Eucalyptus green pink
Herbstdeko 2021 07 DE

Tip 7: Undertone

A suitable underlay in a light shade highlights the colors of the decoration and ensures a harmonious separation of tones, for example, with wood on wood.

Furthermore, it provides protection for the carpet pad against possible discoloration, or, depending on the nature of the carpet pad, against water marks.


Tip 8: Mononotnous

Bad style or smartly staged?

Sometimes opinions differ when it comes to decorations with elements in the same color tone. Well, I would say it’s a matter of taste and opinion.

In order to focus on a particular object and not make the ensemble look so empty or barren, this kind of decoration is a good solution.

Herbstdeko 2021 08


Herbstdeko 2021 09

Tip 9: Topped

Just to add something extra, usually provides that certain something.

Like, for example, this little bird on the vase.


Tip 10: Mood

With seasonal and color-coordinated sofa pillows at your back, snuggled up in a fluffy blanket and one of the easiest homemade chai lattes in hand, you can enjoy the fall evenings.

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